Intelligent Marketing Machine to capture more leads, automate the nurturing process and convert more customers.


Seamless integration of email autoresponders, actions, engagements, triggers, tags, segmentation and more.

Time and Money

Marketing Automation Software helps you save time from repetitive tasks like sending email, follow-ups & more.

Stay Ahead in Competition

Start quick and intelligent communication to nurture your leads before your competitors reach them.

Get More Customers

With Smart Marketing Automation Tools, convert more customers using Sales Funnels, Up-Sell, Down-Sell & more.

marketing automation software

Craft your Marketing Process

With visual workflow, you can create and automate your marketing process based on Triggers, Actions, Tags, Decisions and, Conditions.

marketing automation software
email marketing automation

Smart Email Communications

Create a Drip Email Sequence or send custom emails based on user actions like visiting Pricing Page, Requesting Demo or Form Submissions.

Learn more about EMAIL MARKETING

Got Lead? Kill Competition!

Automate intelligent communication with your leads immediately when they submit forms. Quickly engage and nurture your leads before your competitors reach them.

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lead segmentation

Segment your Audience

Segment your Audience based on engagements, actions, behaviour, role, location and much more. Then trigger automation to individual segments.

Autopilot Sales Funnel.

Nurture your segment to buy your products. And when they purchase your X product, trigger automation and nurturing to make them buy your Y product or even Z Product. Automatically advance to next segment like Y for upsell-1 and Z for upsell-2 and so on. Yeah! Complete Autopilot Mode! Learn more about Marketing Funnels.

marketing funnel automation
websit visit lead tracking

Track Engagements & Behaviour

With Marketing Automation Software, you can track which page visited by your lead and at what time. You can also track Email Opens, Landing Page visits and Assets Downloaded like Quotations, eBooks, etc. Trigger automation to send users to different segments & campaigns based on their actions.

Confused? We got A/B Testing!

Create different email variations and perform split tests. Trigger the most successful variant based on Open Rates, CTR, Downloads and even Form Submissions.

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integrate automation forms on website landing page

Integrate Automation Forms

Customize and Embed Automation Opt-In Forms on any landing pages, web pages or sales pages. Trigger actions and automation campaigns based on Form Submission.

Trigger Automation on Points

Marketing Automation Software identifies highly engaged and unengaged leads based on points and leads scoring. Add tags based on points achieved by your lead like Interested or Hot Leads and automatically trigger actions and email campaigns or even add them to another section or even notify your salesperson.

lead scoring automation


One-On-One Live Demo and Expert Consulting on how Marketing Automation and Email Marketing Features can help you convert more customers


Magnet Marketing Automation Software

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We equip entrepreneurs and marketers with training, strategies and marketing automation software to capture leads, automate nurturing and get more sales conversions.

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