Automatically nurture, advance, and close on deals with lead scoring, lead stages, email marketing, and marketing automation using our CRM Software

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Assist your sales reps with CRM Features and automation actions to convert more leads into customers.

Focus on Interested Leads

With our advanced CRM Features, you can identify interested leads based on their engagements.

Save Time and Money

Stop wasting your manpower, time and resources on less interested or nonqualified leads.

Convert More Leads

Focus on converting more leads based on their Lead Score and Lead Stages in your sales cycle.

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Kill Competition!

Notify your sales representatives when someone fills your Lead Form. This provides the perfect balance of marketing automation software and personalized human touch with your Leads.

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Lead Scoring. Identify HOT Leads!

Not every lead is a sales opportunity. With Lead Scoring, you can identify hot leads based on their engagements like email opens, brochure downloads, website visits and more.

Lead Stages. Craft your Sales Cycle!

Create your custom sales cycle or lead stages and advance your leads from prospect to customers. Nurture them based on their sales stage and convert more sales.

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lead segmentation

Segment your Audience.

Segment your Audience based on products, services and, custom category. Based on segments you can have strategic human communications or trigger automation like drip email sequence.

Track Lead Activities.

Easily track what exactly your leads are doing in your sales cycle like email opened, quotation downloads, website visits and more. Add Notes to individual leads right into CRM Software and the have complete history of lead communications.

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send single email to subscriber lead

One on One Communication.

Unlike other email marketing tools, our CRM Software allows you to send one on one direct email communication with your leads.

Integrate with Email Marketing

Integrate your sales process with drip email marketing or personalized one or one emails to your leads.

Learn more about Email Marketing.

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crm software marketing automation

Integrate with Marketing Automation

Integrate your Sales Cycle with Marketing Automation Campaigns and Funnels.

Learn more about Marketing Automation.

Learn more about Marketing Funnels.

Reports and Insights.

Get the detailed insight report for your leads like top leads, top lead score, top actions, top cities and lot more.

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